The Islands Of The Bahamas


The Bahamas consists of an archipelago of 700 islands dotted over 100,000 square miles of ocean. This oasis has often been said to have the clearest water on the planet and was described by Chris Hadfield from space as "surreal; every blue that exists." These islands are known throughout the world as vacation destinations where luxury and adventure compete in equal measures with relaxation and romance.

Long Island


Truly one of the most desirable Out Islands of The Bahamas, Long Island has a spectacular array of coastlines with limestone rocky cliffs that carve their way into the Eastern shores creating secluded sandy coves whereas the Western shores have endless silky white and pink sand beaches stretching out into Exuma Sound. The island has plenty of exciting features to explore including Columbus Point, Dean’s Blue Hole and numerous beaches and caves which give an opportunity to get closer to nature. For fisherman, divers and boaters this island is a haven boasting world class bone-fishing.

Port St. George


Here on Long Island, Port St. George will become a new luxury resort which is being thoughtfully developed on an 882-acre parcel of land located in the north of the island. With around 2,000 feet of dramatic Atlantic Ocean frontage, 4,200 feet of shoreline on serene Exuma Sound and a 100-acre harbour, Port St. George will include 515 residences along with extensive sport and retail amenities.



Eco-engineering and Sustainable Planning


Boasting the first large-scale eco-engineered resort development in the Caribbean, Port St. George will lead the way by incorporating sustainable features into the whole of the project infrastructure including every building, both commercial and residential.


The project will be “future-proofed” by elevating all building sites. Solar energy will be captured and stored in every structure, creating the prospect of being entirely off-grid. Rainwater will be used in catch basins and reverse osmosis desalinization will conserve the supply of clean fresh water. The use of disposable plastics by any of the resort amenities will be discouranged and any use of automobiles will be restricted. A system to process food waste around the development will reduce excess garbage and will constantly generate the fresh compost needed to feed an organic hydroponics farm. This is the greener, more sustainable way forward for Port St. George.

The Five Star Resort Centerpiece


The five-star hotel will be situated on an awe-inspiring peninsula reaching into Exuma Sound. It will offer several dining options, private villas, a luxury spa with its own beaches and access to water sporting activities, boating, fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking to name but a few. This site will be secluded and yet offer easy access to all of the facilities of Port St. George.


Timeless Attraction And Tranquility


Long Island has for many years provided travellers with the elements that have proven timeless. The tranquil beaches with their endless shades of blue that reflect in the gentle waters, the breathtaking vistas and coves, the wonders of nature all go to make this unique location an experience of a lifetime.

The Harbour Area


The 640-berth, 100-acre harbour will provide berths for a wide variety of vessels with a one-mile arc of waterfront. A village centre will have a myriad of facilities including an array of restaurants and bars, a yacht club, a food store, a culinary institute and at the harbour inlet a signature lighthouse bar. A sympathetic mix of residential offerings around the harbour will benefit from this vibrant community centre which will be available to islanders, residents and guests of Port St. George alike.

Sport And Relaxation


The Atlantic Ocean area features two beaches. The architectural style in this area will be refreshingly modern, with all residences and the beach club enjoying spectacular ocean views. The beach club will offer a wide selection of services for your time at the beach and will include both a restaurant and bar.


The entire area is excellent for birding and other nature-oriented activities. The ocean and the sound are world-class fishing and boating venues. Snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking, and ocean rowing are all activities that can be explored here in Long Island.


A golf and tennis club house will be situated on a hillside that gently rises to a spectacular 100 feet near the Atlantic Ocean. A cricket pitch and other sports fields will be located at the entrance to the land sports area. The sports center itself will offer a challenging 18-hole golf course, six tennis courts, and a swimming complex that will include a 50-meter pool. Here at Port St. George there will always be something for the active traveller.

Moving Forward


StarPort Resorts Inc. is working to deliver and market the Port St. George development on behalf of the owners P.S.G. Limited.

To register your interest in any aspect of the project contact us from this website.